Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Fall! A great time to prepare your home for Winter

The chill of winter will be arriving soon. Fall is a great time to inspect your home to get ready for Winter.
Check you windows, doors, and heating now and save on your energy bill later.
While you are at it, create a diagram or list for next year and schedule this maintenance on your calender.

Check your furnace

A bad or old filter will be unhealthy and will let dust particles loose in your home and can cause  respiratory issues. Change the filter now. Date your filter and note the date of next change on the filter. Usually, filters need to be changed every three months while the furnace is in use. Clean the ducts from dust and debris. Clean and Fix any vents that are dirty, loose or broken.

Turn the furnace on to make sure it is in a good condition.  Call a professional if you are unsure.

Smoke and carbon monxide detectors

If you have not done so yet, install a carbon monixide detector in your home. Test all detectors and make sure you have batteries at hand if they start chirping if they run on batteries.

Check indoors and outdoors for leaks

Check all indoor  and outdoor faucets and plumbing for leaks and take care of it before the cold weather arrives. Don't forget to include your dishwasher and clothes washer in this list.

Inspect you gutters. Clean them out to prevent overflow onto your eaves and creating wood rot. Fix any loose gutters or down spouts now. Run some water in your downspouts to make sure they are unclogged in time for the first rain. Be sure to check the gutters every time after any storm. Your gutter covers can be blown loose or damages by the wind or tree branches.

Check your roof and flashing and make sure they are watertight. Replace any loose or worn out shingles.

House Foundation

Inspect the crawl space below your home. Cracks in your foundation should be looked at and fixed.
Pipes and wiring under the house often are long overlooked till there is a major and costly issue.
Look for any cracks. Clean out any dead critters if they got there and fix and secure any broken vents to prevent them from getting under the house.

More things to be done

Secure any loose objects outdoors that might be getting blown in the wind or storm. Remove and cover any outdoor furniture to prevent them from collecting dirt and mildew in the rain.
Repare any cracks in your driveway and seal your decks before the first heavy rain.

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