Thursday, March 1, 2012

disguising unsightly A/C condenser unit- Avid carpenter handyman's advice

The lattice box on the right disguises the unsightly condenser unit.
I received a note from my friendly carpenter/handyman regarding how to disguise an A/C compressor.
I hope you enjoy his idea.

I have a client who lives in a Condominium where the  Condenser Unit is located on  her small deck.
The unit is rather large and (to her) ugly. She wanted me to do something to hide it.
My first thought was to build a couple of walls made of redwood fencing lattice to allow good air flow
 all around the unit which is a manufacturer's requirement.
She also wanted to be able to decorate it with a plant of some type, so I made a top to accomodate that too.
We decided to paint it the same color as the exterior siding so that it wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb.
Here's what the finish product looked like.

Mike Fair
"Handy Is The Man Who Can"

Thanks Mike for your suggestion. It's a great idea.


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