Thursday, July 29, 2010

6 tips to maximize small spaces

I chose to live in a small house because it is easier to keep clean. Space and storage is always an issue and a compromise has to be made whenever something new comes in. It means something old has to move around or OUT.

Here are some tips to maximize your space and minimize compromises, at least to some degree:

1. Mount your flat screen TV on the wall. Above a credenza, or a fireplace or on the stairway wall are some options. Be sure that it is not in a traffic area, or you will be watching your kids pass by more than the program on TV.

2. Built-in shelves and storage on walls save a lot of space. Elevate the storage to maximize floor space below for tables and movables storage.

3. If you are building new or remodeling, choose wide/large flooring planks that cover vertically from the entrance and continue to adjoining rooms. Visually this creates a sense of continuation and spaciousness.

4. Pocket doors are great for small spaces, they can be retrofitted in existing walls as long as there are no electrical plugs, outlets, thermostats boxes already in the wall cavity.

5. Multifunctional furnishings not only save space but also money. Look for trunks that can double up as coffee tables or additional seating, or ottoman with storage that can serve as a coffee table.

6. Potted plants are wonderful to have, but make it an edible plant.  An herb garden near your kitchen can be grown indoors all year long and they smell wonderful too while they provide greenery.

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