Friday, July 16, 2010

eliminate, organize, breathe easier, save time

 We all have things that we hold dear and can't let go of. When we accumulate too much they won't let go of us!
Yes, clutter can hold you back, pull you down, and sometimes make you sick.
If you are sick of your clutter it is time to get hold of reality.

I get called to organize peoples homes, garages, kids rooms, living rooms, you name it.
But when it comes to compromise, I get this: " but I love that" so I give them this: "take a picture of it, file it on your computer under -stuff i love- and let them go to a good home where they may even be used some day.

Here are some tips on how to organize your room:
1. start in small manageable areas. Feeling good about an accomplishment will make you want to do more.

Attack a closet or small room in the house where things are to be used regularly. Take everything out and pile them in 3 categories:
a. " I will use four times a year or less" --- move these out of here to a garage or storage. But keep them in a box labeled and easy to find again: " Christmas", "picnic", etc.

" I will use this at least once a month": Keep these in your closet. Create or invest in some shelving system and boxes to keep these organized. (confession: I am a big fan of IKEA! affordable and good looking storage solutions and available online.)

"I will never use this": if the item is useful, donate it. If the item is broken, can it be recycled?
If the item truly belongs to the garbage, then that is where it will go.
The goal is to end up with 2/3 of what you started.

A clutter free area means less dust and prettier to look at. But more importantly it saves time, it is easier to find things.
Pick an area today and plan your attack!

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