Monday, July 26, 2010

kids bedroom- storage ideas to keep it neat and clean

Kids need to play and explore to develop their imagination.
But teaching them about organization at an early age will help them set limits, show dicipline and be more responsible for their space.
Giving kids proper storage makes this task easier. But it also makes their space clutter-free and provides more space to enjoy and play. It also makes the space safe while they play.
Closed bins, shelves, and cabinets help minimize surfaces where dust can accumulate and spread in the air later. It is easier to dust the top of lids than to dust or individual items.
As the result you will benefit from the air quality which can eliminate health problems such as allergies and asthma.
Here are some storage ideas that look great and keep the room organized and minimize collection of dust collection:

1. Ready to use shelves and bins that can be color-coded are great for toys, accessories, clothing, school supplies, etc. 
 This is available through Pottery Barns Kids.

2. Install shelving with uniform/ see-through bins
create a calm and organized look. Items that are used frequently are stored at lower level.   

A simple shelving sustem can be obtained at your favorite hardware store. Usually require a small set of tools to install and cost less than ready-made systems. Look for variety of bins and baskets at stores that specialize in space organization products such as the Container Store.

Or you can purchase modules that fit together to form a unit:

these modular systems with variety of modules are available through the Container Store.

3. Cabinets with cubbies can separate books, accessories, and toys, open or closed they look nice and neat.
4. Good old toy chests have always been a great tool to organize and can be used as a bench if they are low enough.
This toy chest/bench is available through IKEA.

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