Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Got Cables? Got cable Clutter and Dust! 3 products that make gadget life easier

With the myriad of gadgets and computer accessories you use daily, you also get to deal with all the unsightly cable and the nasty dust.

I have some solutions for you:

1. Ikea has a $5 cable organizer (pictured below), that is easily transportable and actually hides your cables it may not be the most attractive, but it really helps with the cable mess.

 2.Kangaroom 3-Pod recharger cost about $45 and can house 3 IPODs.The devices plug into a power strip in the attractive bamboo box.
front with sliding door
back side for access to the power strip

3. Another cable organizer from IKEA cost about $10. It can be mounted on the wall. The lid minimizes dust collection on your cables. So naturally I like this the best.

When shopping for cable management products, pay attention to the size of the product and if it can accommodate your needs.

The goal is to minimize cable clutter and dust collection on the floor and your desk. Less sneezing while you clean!

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