Thursday, August 5, 2010

Planning for a successful makover, clean and cozy space to gather

If you are going to make over a room, think about what you would use it for first.

This unattractive breakfast/family room was right next to the kitchen. The client never really ate breakfast here. But when she entertained the guest chose to linger about this room.
So the logical choice was to make a comfortable seating area near the window. The room was cleared, painted with zero VOC paint in a soft butter cream color.

Worn out, broken, and unusable furniture pieces were recycled at the local recycle station. Usable items were donated.

New items:
1. Two identical small convertible day sofas, with washable slip covers. The Sofa arms unfold to create more seating (or serve as extra beds) if needed.
2. Two drapery panels that can easily be removed and washed, drapery rod, and a small coffee table purchased at the the local discount stores.
3. 100% wool rug with natural dyes was purchased at a local store at a deep discount. It can be removed and washed with mild detergent, and dried. The color and textures can only improve with age.
Wool rugs are inherently stain resistant making them perfect for an accidental party spill.

Client's existing lamp was placed here for additional lighting in the evening. Her Moroccan brass tray was placed on top of the small coffee table to make a larger table space. Her textile art previously folded in a drawer was framed prominently to create visual interest and speak to her personality and style.  The kitchen peninsula counter is used as serving station for parties.
Total cost of this makeover was under $1500.
 This room is easy to clean, its is clutter-free and yet has all the elements that makes guests comfortable. They love to spend time in this room!

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