Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Your home exterior is as important as the interior

When you are thinking about improving your home, make sure you allow a budget if your home's exterior needs help. It is more important to fix the roof, the gutters, and repair and repaint the exterior of your house because those improvements may save you energy or prevent major problems later.

Many people forget to clean the gutters before the rainy season. Leaves and debris clog your gutters and they will not function properly and result in leaks and costly problems.

If your roofing is older than 10 years, it may need to be replaced. The new roofing materials actually help save energy.
Repair any foundation or attic ventilation screens. Birds and animals can enter and make a nest.

Big cracks, chipped paint and wood rot under eaves and around the window frames will result in water eventually penetrating into your walls, and can result in mold and mildew inside the walls. Repair wood rot and cracks as soon as possible.

Once the major expenses are taken care of there are other improvements to help make the exterior more attractive.
Here are some money saving ideas for the exterior of your house:
1. Pick up whatever is considered not necessary and store them or dispose of them. Weed your lawn and landscaping using environmentally safe products.
Mow the lawn regularly depending on the type of lawn.
2. Reak any leaves away from the walkways, sidewalk and lawn and add to your compost.
3. Clean your walkway and front porch. You may need to rent a pressure washer to get the dirt and grime off these areas.
4. Place some attractive plants in nice containers on your porch. A bench with a couple of pillows make your front porch welcoming.
5. Make sure your house number is near the front door and is visible from the street.It may need to be painted fresh or you may need a new house number.
6. Repair and paint your front door in a contrasting color to be more appealing.

Step out to the street and enjoy your curb appeal.

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