Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Want color in your living room? Tips to add color in any room.

An inexpensive way to freshen up a room is to add some color. Here are some ways you can do that with little or no money:

1. Paint a wall
A splash of color on a wall can immediately transform any room. Find a color you like (see previous blogs on painting tips) paint one wall and make it a focal point.

2. Paint the back of the bookshelf.
This is probably one of my favorite tricks. It is so easy and so uncomplicated. But has a huge impact.
Paint a bookcase or shelving system in two colors.

3. Colorful pillows
Pillows are so versatile. They add comfort to a chair or bed and can easily be covered in a different color or texture. Pillow covers can be made of almost any fabric. A pair of jeans, bed sheets, an old skirt, mens suiting, a patchwork of men's ties, etc. the sky is the limit. You can even show your artwork on a pillow. Pick a plain fabric and paint your own artwork! Fabulous and unique.

4. Add an area rug 
Don't forget about floor, the largest surface after your walls. An area rug under the coffee table or dining area, at the bottom of your bed, or between two rooms ground the space and make everything look better.
You can move a rug in from another room. If you are purchasing a new one, be sure to take measurements before heading to a store. Take your tape measure with you!

5. Plants and flowers
Potted plants or flowers in a vase instantly add life to your room. For the short of time, (or those with pets) invest in good quality silk plants and flowers. But be aware of scale or your room. In a small room chose a taller plant. In a large room chose one with height and volume.

6. Colorful throw
A colorful soft throw on a beige sofa or a white bed instantly transforms your room. Try it!

7. Add a colorful lamp
Lamps provide light, but also can bring in whimsy and color into a room. If you have an outdated floor or table lamp, you can paint the base and buy a contemporary shade.

8. Fresh upholstery
Chairs can be upholstered with new fabrics. A slipcover is another option to get a fresh look.

9. Colorful accessories
Artwork and vases, candles, coasters, place mats, and runners can also be used to bring in seasonal colors. Accessories can be moved from room to room and freshen up the look on a regular basis. But be sure not to go overboard with too many of these items in one area to avoid a cluttered look.

You probably already own many things you can move about your home to creat a new look. So go one and explore and see what you can come up with.

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